Who is Colonel Sanders?
Colonel Sanders

I’m afraid old Colonel, your construct has outlived your mortal life although it would seem your thoughts still make the world. The simulacrum that is now you lives on in the imagination of others, albeit itself the construct of group-think marketeers. They at once revere the singularity of your heritage, but to both justify their existence and to own the present and (vainly) future they need to constantly review and reformulate your good self so you remain, above all, relevant. Of course, it’s the collective fault of a competitive market being why they need to tamper with your image so you remain front and centre in the minds of folks at meal time — there are many other colonels and a swath of pretenders out there waiting to steal a march on you. If there is any consolation though, at your loyal cadre have at least a ghostly sense of who you were and can guide, with luck, those who would line up in front of the counter where they can continue to follow what they think is you.

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