We don’t choose who we are or the choices we make and this changes everything.

It seems we have control of our thoughts. It seems we choose our beliefs. It seems we have the capacity to make our own choices. It seems we control our actions.

It seems everything we think and do is of our own free will and this is all seems quite obvious.

But there does exist the opposite belief that we don’t have free will to choose all those things ourselves and rather our thoughts, beliefs, choices, and actions are determined only by a result of previous causes that could not have resulted in any other outcome.

The Stoics made virtue and doing good their highest objective in life. I’m beginning to understand why.

Before learning about philosophy, I used to believe the amount of impact one has on the world was the highest objective we should aim to achieve in life.

Or in other words, build the biggest legacy. And if my life ended without a legacy, if there wasn’t a large subset of people who remembered me or knew who I was even just 50 years after I died, my life was… well meaningless.

It’s a demoralizing point-of-view, but I couldn’t reason or justify a better measurement for meaning. …

The essential handbook to learn leadership and effectiveness at work.

According to Peter Drucker, there are eight practices that make effective executives:

  1. Ask “what needs to be done?”
  2. Ask “what is right for the company?”
  3. Develop action plans
  4. Take responsibility for decisions
  5. Take responsibility for communicating
  6. Focus on opportunities rather than problems
  7. Run productive meetings
  8. Think and say “we” rather than “I”

The first two give you the knowledge you need. The next four convert that knowledge into effective action. The last two gets your team to feel responsible and inspired.

In Effective Executive, Drucker explains what an effective executive is and how to become one. …

Why I moved my blog off Medium to a static site.

The most common reasons people leave Medium for self-hosting are:

  • You don’t “own” your traffic because you’re ranking pages on medium.com instead of your own domain.
  • You have less control of converting traffic.
  • Medium promotes other peoples’ articles on your own articles.
  • More readers are dedicated to Medium than dedicated to you.

For me, the switch wasn’t about the “building a house on rented land” aspect. I was early to Medium publications so I could use my custom domain (regpaq.com) on Medium. …

It doesn’t make sense to compare yourself to anyone, even who you were yesterday. Here’s a better way.

The frequently given advice to not compare yourself with others and only to who you were yesterday never quite satisfied me. It still left a lot of questions unanswered and I recently discovered on Reddit many other people feel the same way.

In a recent post on r/productivity, there were some top comments refuting this advice with how they actually like to use jealousy, greed, and wanting to be better than other people as motivation to achieve “greatness.” …

Inspired by the journal method of Marcus Aurelius.

Marcus Aurelius, often called the philosopher emperor, is a famous stoic philosopher and known as the last good emperor of Rome.

Many of his journal entries to himself have been recovered and curated into a single book title Meditations, which is widely recognized as one of the most influential pieces of stoic philosophy.

The practice of journaling allowed Marcus Aurelius, and can allow us today, to think more clearly and live a more virtuous life. The following journal topics can help guide your journaling practice toward stoic thought exercises.

Journal Topics for Gratitude

Taking a moment to reflect on the value added to your…

The essential book to help you find your purpose.

Mastery by Robert Greene is a practical read on helping people find and pursue their Life’s Task (purpose).

A look back on 2018’s biggest moments, failures, and accomplishments


Make $100k/yr by 30

Such an arbitrary “goal,” but nonetheless one I wrote down at the beginning of the year. In fact it’s something I always had as a goal in the back of mind since I started working.

With some hard work and definitely some luck mixed in, I was able to make it. What’s funny is earlier in the year, I asked the r/marketing subreddit who made $100k and what was their path and advice. It ended up getting way more comments than I expected.

The comments were pretty inspiring and kind of pointed out I was a little underpaid at where…

The best tips from Atomic Habits on breaking your worse habits

Stopping a bad habit is usually much more difficult than starting a new habit, especially if it’s a bad habit you’ve had for a long time.

The reason bad habits get started in the first place is throughout our day we experience a wide range of feelings and sensations, which can unconsciously trigger an action to fulfill or solve such feeling—all without a second thought.

Once the best action is found to deal with that feeling, it becomes ingrained in us and we tend come back to it whenever we experience that feeling again. …

The 6 best tips from Atomic Habits on building habits that last

Has this ever happened to you? You’re completely motivated to start some new habits, it started off well because you’re fired up, but your fire inevitably died out after just a short time?

It’s happened to me plenty of times. I’d start logging my habits everyday, which turned into every 3 days, which turned into once a week and so on until I completely stopped.

But after reading Atomic Habits (AH), I realized why I couldn’t keep up my new habits and how I can make new habits actually last.

Since then, without any signs of fatigue so far, I’ve…

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