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Handsome, debonair, swashbuckling neo-hipster privateer displaced in time and space.

2014: The year without gaming.

Why I'm finally giving it up.

Being a gamer is a lifestyle choice, one that until recently I’ve enjoyed for years, and its not…

FLASH — Micro Fiction No.6

Micro Fiction No.6


Micro Fiction No.6

Day 1

Monastery — Micro Fiction No. 5


Micro Fiction No.5

Heavy wooden doors swung half open and a man stepped through, brown hessian robes moving…

CONTROL — Micro Fiction No. 4


Micro Fiction No.4

“We just lost the third feed. At this rate we’ll have no contingency.”

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Tiny Stories with Big Hearts: 1000 words or less to make you feel something. * Fiction Only *

I write stuff, you might like to read some.

LIQUID — Micro Fiction No.3


Micro Fiction No.3

Water ran across the already damp pavement, small puffs of acidic vapor rising where rain fell…

Bonsai Adventures

So I late August 2014 I purchased my first bonsai, I quickly found out the following statement to be true:

Medium. Tags are a great thing, except when they aren’t


Tags are a great thing, except when they aren’t…

So it’s been a few days since Medium has enabled tags, a long-term useful feature that’s existed nearly since the invention of the blog… and it’s already broken.

NETWORK — Micro Fiction No.2


Micro Fiction No.2

“Central gave us twenty minutes to have service back up, lets go people!” the manager gave his…

MAGENTA — Micro Fiction No.1

Micro Fiction No.1


Micro Fiction No.1

[REVIEW] NudeAudio Move L — Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Recently I’d found myself to be in need of a more convenient speaker setup, something I can move around my home without cables, of…

Regravity’s Orange Spiced Wine

My favourite recipe for, thoroughly enjoyable, spiced wine.

It’s Summer here in Australia, even so I’ve recently tweaked my…