My journey through India’s need pyramid

The last few years, from 2010 to be precise, has been an incredible journey for me through what I would like to call — India’s Needs Pyramid. Well, it is not as deep-meaning or complex like Maslow’s Hierarchy but a simpler interpretation that has : Identity and Access as the two levels (for now atleast). For Identity, I worked on Aadhaar — designed and built a number of backend systems actually. With Identity, one gets to access services — the many Aadhaar enabled services are good examples. Continuing the Access journey landed me in eCommerce (Flipkart) — well, retail/commerce does not count as basic needs (and so wasn’t wifi/internet a few years back). After a good 4+ years, my journey on Access continues — into Healthcare this time. Working on my #AsYetUnNamed startup in this space. More on this in the coming weeks…

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