On AI Doctor and the Doctor in person

It amazes me these days to see the rampant abuse of the term — AI. Anyone attempting even a half-hearted effort at building a ML based solution claims they are doing AI. There are credible implementations of symptom diagnosis — Ada for e.g. We, at HealthFace, realize how daunting a task it can be, especially in a data-poor eco-system like Indian Healthcare system. We are therefore targeting the data problem first. AI will happen over time on high quality data, gathered through the right channels and as an outcome of services we offer to customers. Therefore, as we build our EHR system and find ways to model customer profiles, predict health events, we also work very closely with the Doctor in person — physicians, to validate our product hypotheses, curate knowledge and provide consultation.

HealthFace is hiring General Physicians — doctors who believe in the digital future of healthcare and are willing to leverage data and technology to better their care. Do connect with us if this idea excites you.

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