Why one should look at crypto as a new digital currency.

The world today is transforming drastically, specifically on the technology front. Everything you come across is totally disrupted on all the fronts let alone be sustainable. In the technology age where everything is changing it’s time for the cryptos to emerge as a new form of exchange.

Cryptos work on Blockchain giving rise to transparencies, which in turn was the main purpose of them to get established.

As an Investment front, it will be true until the regulations of that country allows it be used as a legal tender. Just like the currencies we have today. If this happens, risk of volatility or any other corruption could be avoided.

If you go back to history, every instrument which had a purpose sooner or later was accepted, this is unlike the tulip bubble or any other which never had any purpose.

So we as a humans always see if something having a purpose it should be attached with a value, just like our currencies which are well associated with many factors. To serve this problem few cryptos attached their value to some companies who are really helping in neutralising the carbon foot print.

If you believe in gold then what benefit does it offer? If you’re related to finance background you would mention it has been safe heaven especially during turbulent times , but what end value does it carry? it was just accepted by the governments which in turn carried value (wholly based upon demand and supply).

I think as I write.

Disclaimer- I am not recommending anyone reading this article to invest in cryptos as it carries risk. Please read all the disclosures documents relating to cryptos before investing.

If you’re still here, thanks for reading.