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“Hey Google, talk to Safari Mixer

Safari Mixer on Google Assistant

Safari Mixer is a fun experimental Action for Google Assistant. It lets you mix and match body parts of different animals to create extraordinary hybrids with their own unique names, sounds and personality traits. The Action is designed to sit alongside a web app, letting you voice or type parts of your favourite animals to generate wild new creations. It’s an example of the creative potential of combining voice, Assistant and screens for an immersive multi-device user experience.

Is there a Zebigeraffe in the living room?

The experience is designed with surface switching at its heart — starting with a great audio experience, then adding visuals to bring it all together. There’s a seamless handoff from voice-activated speakers like Google Home, to Google Assistant on mobile, bringing your unique safari creations to life in the home across all your devices.

Creating the new species

Safari Mixer can generate more than 24,360 unique animated animals. These were designed using After Effects and automated via a custom scripted workflow. The unfamiliar hybrid animal noises are created using Magenta, a machine learning library that allows us to mix different animal noises at the sample level and generate sounds unique to each animal created. Personalised fun facts also help bring each animal’s back story to life. The web app also provides a home to newly discovered creatures via the Mixopedia. Users can search through all animals found to date as well as see their own in its rightful place in the collection.

Never stop exploring

The simplicity of the experience and fun of discovering wonderful creatures make the Action extremely popular with both kids and big kids alike. The whimsical presentation and almost limitless potential to discover new combinations keeps them all on board the safari!

Try it for yourself

Talk to Safari Mixer on Google Home

Simply say “Hey Google, talk to Safari Mixer” to give it a go. You never know what you might discover!

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