Morphing Reality Naturally

We have a proud history of hacking away at all kinds of emerging technologies. In recent months our tearing up of the very fabric of reality itself has intensified greatly. By which I mean we have been messing with VR and AR an awful lot and considering how these mediums can best accompany peoples lives.

Our most recent Hack Week involved creating an augmented reality fitness companion. We bought live fitness data into a playful face tracking experience using Facebook’s AR Studio, extending the platform in new and exciting directions.

We are also thinking about ways we can transcend mediums. By which I don’t mean ways that we can jump between different communicators with the spirit world. Nor do I mean putting one leg into separate pairs of average sized trousers at the same time. What I do mean is that we are thinking about how things manifest themselves in the physical and virtual worlds, and how these can play with each other.

Catching A Ball In Virtual Reality And Also In Reality

In this experiment we hacked a Vive and intelligently embedded the sensors in a football (i.e. cut a hole in the ball and shoved in a controller). This allowed us to throw an actual tangible ball to someone in the real world and have them throw it back to us in a VR world. The real person had a real controller in their pockets so they could be tracked, too.

In the Hack above we used ARKit to simulate a flock of birds landing on our meeting room table, and then monitored for peaks in real world volume levels which would scare the birds away.

This is just the beginning of what we have in store for extending and mixing realities.

Let the mediums freely mix!