Finally i watched Dalida movie at the cinema !

Sveva Alviti’s acting is Super, She’s Charismatic and elegant. Dalida’s character was portrayed as simple, sensual, confident, charming and humane. The idea of having an eventful life, the state of being under the spot lights, surrounded with sussessful top niche people and celebrities has appealed to me much. It had me thinking about fashion design all the movie through, the fame and sparkle of it, being an influencer providing a role model of a person who represents both intellect and art.

It surprised me how she was attacked at school for wearing glasses, yet her family’s believe in her and their enhancement of how beautiful and attractive she was molded her into the charasmatic lady she became. She liked to be the center of attention, and stood out anywhere she went.

The movie has mainly focused on her marriage and relationships with men. How her ex’s loved her much, they couldnt get over her, they committed suicid. Her main support system was her brother and he’s wife.

The biography’s main highlight lies in the fact that no amount of fame, success, money, relationships will substitute the warmth of having a family of your own, a family to belong to and a support system. The same highlight so reminds me of the Godfather triology, the importance of having your own family to stick by.

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