First Reflection

It has been a while since I wrote anything. This is why I am starting off this blog with a reflection on my life: writing about what I feel, my dreams, the challenges I face and have faced and what I intend to do about them.

I have been struggling with what I know is the right thing for me, and what the society and the culture is molding me to become. I have reached the point in my life where I don’t believe that anyone is responsible for my future than myself. Hence, this means that if I do not do something out of fear of what people, friends or family might think, it will be definitely my lose.

Through the past five years, I have lost a lot of people whom I thought will be by my side for life, only to win people that are inspiring and full of life and spirit; and this is exactly what I need. In those five years — although some might say those must have been the worst years, yet I was able to finish my Master’s degree — start on my PhD proposal — whilst working in the most reputable institutions in the country. I have been trying my best to work as hard as I can, and yet have fun doing what I love.

I love research and education; I chose this field because this is where I feel I can help myself and help others be the best version of themselves. Being part of the learning process of others is simply rewarding. I am able, through work and through teaching, to make a difference.

I am starting this blog to share with the world what I think, in different areas of life, with particular focus on education and research; and how to be able to have an effective role as educators and human beings in this world.

I made a new friend, a couple of months ago, and he showed me that the sky is the limit. Despite his young age he has the ability to spread that concrete knowledge of what life is all about. No wonder he is the son of my best professor and human being I have known! :) I can never deny that our talk has really filled my soul with a lot of energy and faith in myself.

I hope to have this blog as my legacy; and my way to give back to the world.