Beast Elite

A boy named peter is at the airport at 7 o clock with a suitcase full of magic potions. He has to deliver to his fathers old friend who is a magician. He gives the bag to the guard and the guard said

“this bag is magical and it can give you superpowers” peter was curious to see what it does so he drank the potions. And suddenly a suit wrapped around him. He had now become


Peter did not know what happened and was very confused. He pressed a button on his belt and turned back into original Peter. He went to check in his baggage but there he saw a man that looked like a world famous criminal. He knew something was fishy. The criminal was carrying a box that said FRAGILE. Peter realized he was late for his flight he ran and caught the flight. The criminal also boarded the flight. The air crew recognized him and to save himself the criminal jumped out of the flight mid air as he was trying to escape!

Peter pressed another button on his belt and a black mechanical suit wrapped around him. A holographic screen appeared and he pressed the button EAGLE. Wings popped out. He flew after the criminal desperate to catch him.The criminal ran towards a jet but Beast Elite turned into a cheetah and finally caught the criminal.

Beast Elite won and became a super hero!!!!