How Facebook can bring peace in the world.

The best thing Facebook can do for Syrian, Yemeni, Burmese and Palestinians is put ads, for these people to share more and more videos, in english, so that the world can see these videos and respond to the people who are directly reachable.

Facebook can also setup a new way of promoting these videos, if they are associated with a cause , ie ask the user, what type of video it is, so that if it is a human crisis video, it can be PUSHED like a video is SPONSORED to people who want to WATCh this kind of videos , this is what facebook is best at and should spend time and resource on, if facebook really wants to help, as broken communication is why all these disasters are there because, and if we have a more instant communication and connection with the people where the problems are, we will have very low problems left.

Let me explain more, If every Person in Palestine had 50 Facebook friends from Israel and vs versa, the problem of Palestine and Israel will go away in next 4 to 5 years, time, and same for India Pakistan and other areas.

If every person in Syria who is on facebook was connected to 50 people in united states as a friend, the problem of the refugee will just go away, very quickly , and the people who feel ignored, wont be as much ignored, thus wont join organizations like isis.

If every Muslim was connected to 100 christian and 100 jews, on facebook as a friend, they wont really have anything to fight about after a few years !

My few cents Rehan Allahwala

Here is a video explaining the same !