Rehash Story — How did Rehash get its idea?

Rehash Story — How did Rehash get its idea?

It’s always great to own the latest home appliances & electronics that entertain & make life comfortable. However, getting them repaired is a tedious process & numerous unanswered calls leave customers unsatisfied. Lack of proficient online service providers for all brands was a cause for concern. This phase saw numerous queries related to maintenance of appliances & electronics which is very different from electrical services. With previous experience in specialized electrical services & facility management, the founders developed Rehash.

The idea Rehash was born to fix the issue at the root cause. Rehash developed with expert post-sale services as the USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Very often, users face the dilemma of unorganized ways to get their product repaired. Delayed visits by third party service providers, missing or out-dated warranty & heavy costs are common issues encountered.

Apart from professional repairs, the idea was developed with focus on AMC & warranty extensions. Home appliances or electronics have a very short life without genuine warranty. Most often, the warranty from third party providers is not cost-effective & don’t cover all important aspects. Being unaware of this, consumers incur big expenses for product maintenance & yet don’t get maximum value from the product. Rehash is an innovative idea simplified to manage your products the right way.

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