The Ego. And The Role of Prayer.

The ego is a difficult thing. It has two sides to it. On one side is conceit and on the other side is undue meekness. It is in the in-between that there is a space for peace. That there is peace.

So the ego is not exclusively about an over grown proportion of ones sense of self, conceit. But it is also an under serving sense of self too. Undue meekness. The point is that it is the ‘sense of self’ we have to regulate. Our awareness, our perception. And that sense of self we regulate through what is called ‘reality checking’. Praying. Humility. Surrender. Why? Because we are born out of free will. The human has free will. And free will is not exclusively freedom. But responsibility to consequences. We have the freedom born out of free will to think. But that does not mean we always think correctly in the space of freedom. With free will, we have the freedom to think correctly and incorrectly. We have ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ thoughts. And so life is consequences and not freedom exclusively. And when we think incorrectly we fall into the ‘trap’ of the ego-full (conceit) and ego-less (undue meekness) states. And so these states of thinking are bias weighted thoughts. Bias against accurate perspective. That skew the humans world view, their filter of how they perceive the world, out of perspective. With free will there are consequences of falling into an either ego-full or ego-less state. The balance is what we need to achieve. And we have to watch our thoughts, observe our actions. To see our position. Our disposition. And ‘see’ which way through time and space, in life, we are ‘turning’?

That observation. That clarity comes through ‘surrendering’. The humility of surrendering. That it is humility itself, that we don’t know, the we are not in control, that ‘lifts us up’ out of ego-less perception and ‘brings us back down’ from our ego-full perception.

Reality checking is key. And that reality checking is prayer. ‘Surrendering’. Prayer is a subset of meditation. When we pray, not only are we getting into a ‘good space’, as we do in meditation. But we a have sense of there being something ‘bigger’ and ‘greater’ than ourselves. And in the relinquishing and realization to that, in the ‘surrendering’ we ‘give up’ ‘control’. We access the humility of ‘not knowing’. And not perceiving ourselves to be in control. And through it we connect to that awareness of something bigger and greater than ourselves. That seeking. That feeling. That ‘feeling’ and ‘receiving’ that ‘signal’ in that space of ‘surrender’ is what prayer is. The meditation of prayer. And in that space you get the ‘feeling’ of what the right thing to do is. To humble yourself or to take courage, depending on which state you are in. Ego-full or ego-less. And the circumstances you are going through.

The balanced state. The ego state, not ego-full and not ego-less. Whichis aware, but not ‘weighted’ and not ‘weightless’ is where we want to be. That determines clarity and clarity of action. And not being ‘disproportionate’ to things.

In life. Creating balance is the key. Is our constant journey. The journey of ‘surrender’. And that requires a practice. A practice of ‘regulating’. That meditative practice is called prayer.

Live. Love. Be


Greatness is my journey

Greatness is the key

Greatness is my signal

Greatness is who I want to be.

I want to be One.

Greatness is the Signal. The signal is My Ideal. My ideal is One.


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