Testing out Medium

I don’t have a story to tell. I am testing out this platform, and I am typing out something else that’s not mine. Here’s something that I read in an article.

Challenge self-limiting beliefs about your intelligence: Many smart people are smarter than they think they are [1], but they have never realized their true potential because of self-limiting beliefs about their supposed lack of intelligence, often implanted in them by overly demanding parents or overly critical (and often incompetent) school teachers. By a process of systematically questioning the factual basis of these beliefs, and coming to the realization that they are actually groundless, they can let go of them, and finally unleash their true potential. I know a girl who had such self-limiting beliefs, and worked as a humble office secretary, until one day she took the Mensa IQ test, and passed it. She now has a PhD in astrophysics, a rewarding career, and has never been happier. And the moral of that story is simple — dare to believe in yourself!:o)

What is this? I don’tunderstand. I just know, that I kinda like medium.

But the pain in the ass with all of this is they are turning all of these things into social, sharing platforms.

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