It’s Curtains For Me
Nicole Dieker

Two things!

  1. Between a break-up after a few years of cohabiting with a now ex-significant other and spending so much of my “adult” life being college-kid poor/generally frugal, the amount of non-essentials (curtains/bath rugs/etc.) I’ve owned is pretty close to zero until very recently, when I decided to get all those adult things (curtains/bath rugs/etc.) for my new place and I so so so identify with this right now. Your last section about the motivation of joy reminded me in particular of a thing I’ve been doing recently, which I’m calling reverse-Kon Marie-ing. This is where instead of seeing if an item inspires joy in me before deciding to throw it out or keep it, my decision to purchase an item is based on how much joy it inspires. I bought a blue bath rug this way, even though it was probably at least 2-3x the amount I would’ve paid for a generic one from IKEA, which I would’ve settled for in the past. I mean, clearly this isn’t always going to be the most economically sensible plan of action some or even most of the time (I’ve stopped myself multiple times from buying a $100+ area rug despite all joy inspiring abilities) but I think on some level it makes sense. I honestly love that bath rug and wiping my wet feet on it. And this might be a me thing, but the value the rug (and other incidentals) brings to me in how it makes my apartment feel like MY home is its own sort of value.
  2. As someone who has three different saucepans, another saucepan is not just a saucepan! But I cook a lot and definitely get the spirit of what you’re saying.
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