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Today’s two treasures are thinking and distraction.

I’ve come to the conclusion that original thought is quite rare, and seldom occurs during daily life. Distractions which derail original thoughts are overwhelmingly present and ubiquitous in our lives — they exist almost everywhere we look.

Religion is the opiate of the masses. I can’t take credit for that statement. I believe it can be credited to Karl Marx. Boy, is it insightful. There’s nothing quite like blending together indoctrination, repetition, music, and the smell of incense. With all that distraction, it’s virtually impossible to actually think for yourself. …

Today’s two treasures are Friends who are girls, and Friends who aren’t.

These treasures have been buried for decades. They first came to me as a young boy, on a Saturday morning in early Spring, but revealed themselves to me only today.

It was going to be a glorious day. I had a brand-new really cool bike, with a banana seat and one of those chrome bar things that, best as I could figure, kept you from sliding off the back of the banana seat. It even had handlebar brakes.

Two kids from school, Tom and Scott, had agreed we…

Today’s two treasures are Fear, and Blankets.

Hitting close to home, this blog’s turned out to be one of the more challenging ones. There’s nothing quite like a little introspection to help one find a nice cozy vantage point from which to view their own personal train wreck.

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I can’t imagine that “Jana S” doesn’t struggle to contain his fear when tagging buildings.

Today’s first treasure is Fear. Fear’s quite the dominatrix. How can she possibly be a treasure?

Looking back on most of humanity’s achievements, it’s clear that she’s played a central role for centuries. The workers whose blood, sweat, and tears resulted in the great pyramids of Egypt were almost certainly not motivated…

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Blogging is a brand new medium. Penning a blog is neither like writing a letter, nor is it like writing a book. Likewise, reading a blog — following it — is something new. Blogs are different. Blogs are brand new.

Blogging as a medium is still being explored, both by their authors and by their readers. What does it mean to be a blogger? What does it mean to be a follower? Nothing is set in stone. The only constant is change.

Change creates upheaval. Content is lost, discarded, only sometimes adapted. I have intentionally switched away from “publishing” using…

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QR codes are amazingly unambiguous

Today’s two treasures are dates and words.

Dates are a crucially important concept in communications. Dates give us a means of pinpointing and communicating about a specific day, whether it be the day today, or some specific day in the past, or some specific day in the future.

There are a variety of formats which are recognized internationally. Two of those formats introduce ambiguity. The remainder are unambiguous.

In striving to communicate effectively, we strive to treat dates without ambiguity.

Today’s two treasures are hands and knees. Let’s start with knees. I’ve two!

Today, finally, for the first time in years, I find them both fully functional.

It’s partly because my body weight is down, so neither knee has as much weight to support. For years, I’ve had a cane. My knees “almost worked”, allowing me to walk, sometimes jog, for decades — but clicking and popping. Really popping. Who needs ACLs anyway? Pfffft.

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“Nice knees!”

Today I celebrate nimbleness! I can again imitate a flamingo on either leg. Something I’ve not done since I was sixteen or seventeen, imitating the ninjas.

Today’s two treasures are voices, and values.

I dearly wish I could, via some means, hear for myself the wonderful sounding voices that you all put to these words as you read them to yourselves.

Charity Croff’s voice comes through LOUD and CLEAR — important words.

Some small number of you are trained to speed-read, and will process these sentences and paragraphs without giving my words voice. That’s a very small number. Most of you put an internal voice to words you find yourself reading.

Some small number of you read all content with one single internal voice —the voice…

Elegantly employing directly emploring terms as eschew, and fight, or better yet, support, or even embrace next to grandiose terms, such catchy ones as race, and humanity, and survival works just great on the front page of any newspaper.

Today’s blog’s title stands exemplary, as a few of the best words I’ve ever managed to string together. Please join me in feeling good about how well those specific words work go together, and how precisely the say what they intend to say.

The title of today’s blog has done its job of getting your attention. Now let me earn it…

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Cellphone overstimulation is a very real problem. I hated my phone, until just recently. Now I can bear it. We’re back on ‘speaking terms’. ha!

It took work. It took a LOT of work. I’ve finally arrived at a point where I’m comfortable saying “I have my phone doing what I want it to do for me”.

That’s “not much”. Really. I’d rather my phone do LESS for me than MORE.

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Some considerations and dimensions of import regarding group…

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