Julia Holmes

Julia, I liked how in depth you got into sugar consumption and snacks. I also agree that it’s a really big problem for both kids and adults. I also liked how you took both the parent and kid perspective during your experience (explicitly mentioned in your storyboard). I like that you try to think about how a parent or a child might perceive the snack, not just yourself.

I wish your observation had been more oriented towards children’s snacking, but I understand how hard it is to find something like that. I also feel like your observation turned into more of either an interview of your friend or an experience yourself. I wonder if there would have been a way for you to be just an observer?

What if you had experienced finding a snack at more than just one location? I feel like you could have gained some more insight from going outside of your normal routine. I was wondering if you often go to the Target express for a snack? I liked how you tried to think from different perspectives while doing this, I wonder if you could have taken that further?

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