No, I’m not old. I’m just falling apart a bit. As I probably should in my mid forties. …

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Not a fan of RIP crocodile tear tweets and not a hardcore Prince fan either, but somehow this Prince death business got closer to me than expected. After unexpectedly falling into a tweet storm, to kill thetime on a long plane ride, I played with an emoji font where, suddenly, he re-emerged.

I was 6. My radio alarm clock woke me up with big news: “The King of Rock’n’Roll is dead.” The King of Rock’n’Roll is dead? Some kid somewhere will feel similar, today: Prince is dead? I ran into my parents room and woke them up: “The King is dead!” My father asked:

—“What King? We have no King.”
— “The King of Rock’n’Roll!”
— “Oh, Elvis died? Really? No!”
— “Yes, they said it on the radio. And now we have no King of Rock’n’Roll anymore!”

I needed to know how bad the news really was:

— “Who’s going to be King of Rock’n’Roll now?”
— “No one.”
— “But we need a new King of Rock’n’Roll! We can’t just be without King!”
— “We’ll be alright.” …

“Cassandra Roberts gassed, helped by strangers in Ferguson.” Original by Robert Cohen

Facebook is a great platform to reach a global audience — if you have a fat wallet. If you do not, you can heal your street fighter tear gassed eyes with a McDonald’s strawberry shake.

A clear sign that you might be a promising candidate for next year’s Facebook pop idol is when you get this message from them:

“Your Page’s post is performing better than 95% of other posts on that page. Promote it to get even better results.”

This is almost as promising as getting a mail telling you that you’ve just won a Million Dollars. “Better than 95%” means that you do have the potential to get more than ten likes and two shares. Maybe one hundred, hey maybe 100,000! It all depends on your budget. Facebook’s algorithm will not let your post grow by itself. You may think that your Friends and Likers should see everything you post. You may become angry as you find out that the game is rigged. …


Oliver Reichenstein

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