I’ve Just Liberated My Modules
Azer Koçulu

Would just like to say thank you Azer for sticking up for your (and everyone elses’) right to due process. NPM should never have let Kik bully them into folding with the barest hint of legal recourse (they were under no actual legal pressure as far as I can tell — as they hadn’t been served with anything official!). Anyone in here complaining about how you screwed over thousands of devs isn’t getting the message that NPM is actually at fault. What you did should have been a message to them to realize their work is _not_ as safe as they think it might be - should they decide to make it part of the NPM ecosystem.

Also, folks… if you can’t manage (or even recover) your dependencies without something like NPM; or can’t rewrite a 10 line NPM module — you have bigger issues. #justsayin

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