Why I get up at 04:23 AM

Wait…….you seriously wake up that early?

*awkwardly puts hands in the air*

Let’s start out by answering that question, yes, I do. Let’s start from the beginning…..I had to ask myself some questions when I first decided to start getting up early. What is the point? Am I going to get anything out of this besides being exhausted all day? The main reason I started was because the power lifters I follow on social media all did it and recommended it. That is how it got into my brain. But honestly I had no interest in it at first. If I am being really honest I could not imagine how uncomfortable that would make me and did not want to change what I was used to. I told myself, “It won’t help that much.” But something in me finally decided to do it.

Waking up at the butt crack of dawn took me out of my comfort zone and opened up endless possibilities. The 3ish hours in the afternoon/night that would consume my day driving to/from the gym, changing clothes, and working out was all mine. Every day (Monday-Friday) I could do anything with those 3 hours. I just got 15 extra hours a week. Did I need them?

“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday. And then quietly and without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And that someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”

If there is anything to learn from this quote it is that you cannot get more time. You can’t buy it, steal it or whatever other method you obtain an object. One day you’re taking a nap after playing outside all day and then you’re trying to figure out what credit card has the best cash rewards. Yeah, welcome to being an adult. If you want to do anything well it takes TIME and commitment. Maybe you want that promotion, to spend more TIME with people you love, travel the world or make more time to learn something new you need TIME.

This is not a place to be haughty about how awesome it is that I am capable of waking up this early. It took TIME to get used to it and I did not start waking up at 4:23AM either (try 5:30). What I am saying is that we can do anything if we give ourselves a chance and take it. To make this transition you need goals and you need to want them. For me, getting into unreal shape was something I wanted. It took about a year and a half but I feel like my body has changed drastically. It took grueling training sessions, realizing I did not know anything about training, listening to people who know more than me and a fantastic human as a workout partner to push me. Take note that once I took that first step there were so many people and resources willing to help me. If the effort is made people notice and they want to be a part of the process. You know what else started to happen after I saw this goal becoming true? I realized I had more TIME (3 hours a day) and I was not going to waste it.

Check out what I mean by waste it…..

If you wake up at 6:30 every day and I wake up at 4:30 that is 2 more hours I get over you a day. Not even taking into account what time we go to bed. 2 hours a day multiplied by 5 days a week is 10 hours. 10 hours x 4 weeks(that is a month, stay with me) 40 hours. 40 hours x 12 months is 480 hours. 480 hours divided by 24 hours (1 day) is 20 days. 20 days a year that I get, TWENTY. If I am applying these days in the right way the possibilities are endless. I can spend more time in scripture, pray more, go to small groups, watch baseball, learn a new skill, spend quality time with people I care about, play more golf, binge a little Netflix….gaining that TIME is priceless.

Think about what you could do relationally with your wife, husband, friends, parents, or children. We all want more TIME. ”I can’t do it”…..you just don’t want it bad enough. You don‘t know how tired I am, you’re right I’m 27 not married with no kids-I have no idea. I agree. But-there are COUNTLESS people I follow with wives, kids, working multiple jobs(some worked in coal mines) and still made it all “work”. With that, maybe getting up early just won’t work for you. That is OKAY. Stay up later, use your lunch breaks in a different way, put your stupid phone down, delete some apps during the week, stop watching so much tv/Netflix. There are ways to get yourself this extra TIME. Here are some positive things that came from my extra TIME.

Once I got all this free time in the evenings I started to be able to do 3 major things that have grown my relationship with God: join a small group with people my own age, prepare for my time being descipled and my time on Sundays teaching high school guys about the gospel. I’ve had so much fun getting myself into this lifestyle-met some great people, challenged myself: mentally, physically and spiritually. Opportunities to grow in each of these areas have been such a blessing. Oh and I recently started a new job in an area of work that I love and is one of the main points of spending in the market.

Do not miss the point though, it is to challenge yourself to get the most out of this TIME on Earth. Waking up early to lift was what energized me but it could be something completely different for you. Which is not just okay it is PERFECT. We all cannot grow in the same ways, be you and do it your way. Make some noise and reach for things you never thought you could do.