What is ADHD, and has the pandemic unveiled previously masked symptoms?

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To me, the term attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) always sounded so rigid, so sanctioned, and so official. But there isn’t exactly a firm moment when you realize you have it. It’s not like monitoring a fever with a thermometer, like, “oh yep, looks like I came down with some ADHD today.”

I’ve written content for a couple clients about ADHD and other learning challenges, such as dyslexia or executive function difficulties. So I know more about them than the average person, and I understand that these learning differences often exist on a spectrum. …

You forgot to get Fido some doggy Xanax this 4th of July just like me, didn’t you?

My Pup, Koba [photo by author]

I’ve written content for four different cannabis-related companies now, and through all of my research and writing, I’ve finally managed to develop an applicable and conversational understanding of how cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids work.

And through talking with my best friend this 4th of July, I’m realizing that everyone probably has some serious reserves about giving CBD to their pets. I’m also learning that almost all dogs can’t stand fireworks, and it really is painful to watch them freak out on firework-centric holidays. They’re such joyous occasions for humans and just absolutely terrifying for our furry friends.

So I’m…

3 methods to get out of your head and into the moment

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As someone who has struggled with anxiety, I’ve certainly had my share of moments where I was more in my head than actually present.

This is a painful thing to come to terms with because accepting and embracing the human experience is likely the main reason that we are here in the first place. And to spend any significant amount of time missing out on a real-life experience because I was anxious about an insignificant or ultimately fabricated event is disheartening to say the least.

When my anxiety was at its worst, I can recall — but only barely —…

And why P.S. I Love You should live on

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When I heard that P.S. I Love You would be discontinued as a publication on Medium, it hit me harder than I expected news of that nature to hit.

Firstly, I was unaware that Medium was providing funding for them to begin with, and I was also unaware that Medium did that at all for anything other than their sanctioned publications. Additionally, I was unaware that Medium had any reason to cut funding, especially for such a monumentally successful and well-read collection. On top of that, Medium is simultaneously rolling out bonuses for top performing writers.

I’ll try to stay…

But do you, though?

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“I deserve better.”

I’ve occasionally said this phrase or felt slighted in various instances, some of which are somewhat inconsequential; like having seemingly bad luck with traffic or missing a “gimme” putt in golf.

“Why me? I deserve better!”

But other times, I catch myself and others feeling this way about larger, much more impactful moments.

My parents were together for my entire childhood and well into my college years, and as far as I knew they were more than happy. But one day, my dad called me out of work and told me that he needed me to check…

I changed the wording of that title thrice

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Perfectionism is an interesting concept, because it’s a bit subjective, isn’t it? Everyone thinks they work hard, or that they want things a certain way, or that they’re at least slightly picky in certain facets. But “how perfect you prefer things” isn’t exactly what we call measurable.

Anxiety also always feels a little bit subjective as well. There’s certainly a spectrum, to say the least. You can have general, “appropriate” anxiety surrounding a logical reason for future concern, or you can have panic attacks and heart palpitations because your crush didn’t respond to your text in a timely manner.


“Use our app or else”

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I’m in a weird spot.

I was born in 1990, so I was 14 for the launch of Facebook, 15 for YouTube, 20 for Instagram, and 26 for TikTok.

I lived the majority of my childhood without these types of apps and social media. I was a 90s kid. I played whiffle ball and driveway basketball. We ate snow cones from ice cream trucks and Spongebob popsicles with gumballs for eyes. It never looked like the picture on the wrapping and we were cool with it.

Later on, when everyone started dating, we would go to drive-in movie theaters and…

I just couldn’t stay away could I?

The truth is: after completing 50BurgersATL, I kept finding out about more cheeseburgers in Atlanta, and I just had to have them. People would hear about my project and immediately go, “Oh that’s so cool, but have you ever had _____?”

Most of the time, the answer was yes. I’ve eaten over 75 different burgers in Atlanta in the past two years, and that’s not counting fast food or chains (maybe next up?). But sometimes, someone would tell me about one that I hadn’t even heard of, so here it is. The amendment. The addition. The brand-new. The forgotten. The…

Plus some tips to neutralize it and become a better partner

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Having an anxious-attachment style when it comes to personal relationships can be challenging. But what is it actually like to have an anxious-attachment style? I’ve constantly tried to explain myself to people I’m interested in, and it never feels good enough. It’s a daunting task — it’s a strange form of opening up that can be overwhelming for both parties.

To delve into this a bit deeper, let’s cover attachment theory and briefly dismiss some of its critiques. Then we’ll look at what anxiety is, how it plays into anxious-attachment, and what you can do about it.

What is Attachment Theory?

Attachment theory is…

“Words and ideas can change the world.”

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Robin Williams was one of those actors that never let me down. And it wasn’t his unbelievable acting skills that got me. Don’t get me wrong, I think he was a fantastic actor, and he is famously known for diving deep into a character’s inner motives. But he wasn’t like some of the method actors today, and he certainly had his share of mediocre films.

But his most well-known films, I believe, are beloved for a reason.

Robin Williams embedded a little piece of himself into his best performances. …

Reid Gan

Copywriter at Bearpaw Partners, which is how I afford my dog’s apartment.

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