Knicks get buried by Charlotte (and Jonas), lose 97–84

This game was really stupid.

After being blown out by the Clippers last night, the Knicks travelled through the Jonas winter storm to take on the Hornets in Charlotte. It seems as though they left any semblance of teamwork and understanding of basketball in New York.

New York looked unmotivated and shut in — much like its residents on Saturday — against the Hornets. Curiously, Coach Fish (who was assessed a technical foul) quickly went to his bench. He favored Lou Amundson and Kevin Seraphin early while his team gave up in a hurry.

At first, the Knicks led the Hornets by two after the first quarter, despite Charlotte’s 29% shooting from the field. However, with little motivation, New York did little to stop Jeremy Lin, Kemba Walker, and the Hornets from taking over.

Let’s look at what went wrong (a lot did):

No Linterior Defense

The Artist Formerly Known As Linsanity tore up the team that birthed his phenomenon. He criss-crossed his way into the paint with little resistance from the Knicks. Also, it didn’t help that Seraphin and Amundson were afraid of defending or altering opponent field goal attempts. The latter big man fouled out early in the fourth quarter.

Lin finished with 26 points on 7-of-17 shooting and set up his teammates with five dimes.

PJ Hairston had a career high of 20 points tonight. Meanwhile, Charlotte played without some top guns, including Jefferson, Batum, MKG, et. al.

Kristaps Porzingis played decently, albeit five fouls earned. The Latvian scored 13 points and shot 4-of-9. ‘Melo, who was bothered by his left knee and didn’t play in the fourth, only scored nine points with four field goals.

This was as disinterested as I’ve probably ever seen from Anthony. By the end of half, he must have either felt something wrong with his knee of the game because he was mentally checked out, as was much of the team.

It was a game the Knicks could have really used Lance Thomas. Lance is expected to play on Tuesday against OKC.

There were also plenty of opportunities the Knicks missed to blow the game open. They missed a plethora of free throws, something surprising from the best shooting team from the charity stripe

Porous defense, too many turn overs, and a shocking number of missed free throws doomed this Knicks team who once again lost in Charlotte this season.

After this loss and the one vs. L.A. on Friday, this team needs to once again find its energy and leadership from the veterans. I’m looking forward to a statement game against Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook & the Thunder in two days with plenty of rest.

Burn the fields and salt the earth of this game. ‘Twas the worst.

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