Six Times Encryption Made It to the Movies

Re: Learning about art history from The Da Vinci Code

Great idea. Maybe one of the thing you’ll learn is something that Dan “Ignoramus” Brown never managed to: it is completely wrong to refer to Leonardo daVinci as “daVinci”. “daVinci” was NOT his family name, he was literally “Lenonardo from Vinci”. He did not have a family name; most people in that place and time did not. Calling him “daVinci” is like calling Anne of Cleeves “of Cleevres” or William of Orange “of Orange”. Really, it sounds THAT stupid to someone who has actually studied something about the man (unlike, apparently, Dan Brown).

He is correctly referred to as “Leonardo”, just as Rembrandt van Rijn is correctly called “Rembrandt”, it’s exactly the same principle. Why so many people get Rembrandt’s name right Leonardo’s wrong is a mystery to me.

And I don’t know WHY this pisses me off so much… LOL

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