CNN crew arrested on live TV while covering protests in Minneapolis

Morning Consult released a poll yesterday focusing on the recent protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, as well as addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and the relation between the two events.

Yet their own summary article misleadingly cherry picks results that conform to the narrative of about the protest being propagated by the Democratic Party and the mainstream media, ignoring results that brush against that narrative.

In lieu of editorializing, I’ll let some of the unmentioned findings speak for themselves. There is no particular method behind this selection other than my own personal interest, specifically in results…

Frederick Engels, “The Discovery of America”

Citizens! When Christopher Columbus discovered America 350 years ago, he certainly did not think that not only would the then existing society in Europe together with its institutions be done away with through his discovery, but that the foundation would be laid for the complete liberation of all nations; and yet, it becomes more and more clear that this is indeed the case. Through the discovery of America a new route by sea to the East Indies was found, whereby the European business traffic of the time was completely transformed; the consequence was that Italian and German commerce were totally…

Sanders, Shachtmanism, and the Death of the Debs Legacy

Bernie Sanders has long claimed Eugene Debs as his hero. Yet Sanders’s political trajectory could not be more starkly opposed to that of Debs.

Debs the Democrat

After rising up the ranks of the labor movement in the 1870s and ’80s, Debs was courted by the Democratic Party of Indiana to run for state legislature in 1884, and handily won the election. Yet his career as a Democratic Party politician was short-lived. As Ray Ginger, in his biography of Debs, The Bending Cross, recounts,

When Debs was sworn into the state House of Representatives on January 8, 1885, he had already drafted a…

A reply to comradely criticism

In responding to my celebration of the Fourth of July, a comrade issued the following criticisms:

Attempting to assign a proletarian content to national holidays is simply social patriotism. Politically we are not Americans but part of an international class and the existence of something like the US is backwards and decedent from the perspective of the productive forces today. Thinking otherwise is politically dangerous sentimentality.

Transcending capitalism on the basis of capitalism itself (which is simply Marxist orthodoxy) is not equivalent to the denial of the qualitative difference between the bourgeois revolution which establishes the rule of the commodity…

A Dossier

The Lawrence Textile Strike of 1912

CLIME of the unforgotten brave!
Whose land, from plain to mountain-cave,
Was Freedom’s home or Glory’s grave!
Shrine of the mighty! can it be
That this is all remains of thee?
Approach, thou craven, crouching slave;
Say, is not this Thermopylæ?
These waters blue that round you lave,
O servile offspring of the free, —
Pronounce what sea, what shore is this?
The gulf, the rock of Salamis! …

From: The National Conventions And Platforms Of All Political Parties, 1789 To 1904
Creator: Thomas Hudson McKee (editor)
Date: 1904
Publisher: The Friedenwald Company, Baltimore


Chicago, Ill., May 1–6,1904.

The chairmen of the convention were elected daily.

NOMINATED — For President, Eugene V. Debs, of Indiana. For Vice-President, Benjamin Hanford, of New York.

The following platform was adopted: —



We, the Socialist party, in convention assembled, make our appeal to the American people as the defender and preserver of the idea of liberty and self-government, in which the nation was born; as the only…

Aimé Morot, Le bon Samaritain, 1880.

You shouldn’t call someone something they don’t want to be called.

You can. You have a right to do so, and it should not be otherwise. But needlessly disrespecting people will only aggravate existing divisions.

As socialists, our goal is to unite humanity around a common cause, and we believe that the working class must recognize itself as the unifying force. We believe the working class must take responsibility for the future of humanity.

We believe that all human beings share a common problem, and hence can and must unite around a common cause, a common goal. We believe that…

Reid Kane

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