Viewing Easy Rider

Image courtesty of Crooks and Lyers (

In the end,

Just before Dennis Hopper shot the bird at two
Shit faced rednecks who shot back with both barrels,
After trading cocaine for cash to traipse the country,
After sharing the crops of hippie children
Posing as the poster children for poverty,
After watching Nicholson beaten to death by
Trash talking shitkickers too afraid to
Open their eyes and see the queer in the mirror,
After dropping too many tabs of downer brown and
Tripping through the tombstones of Mardi Gras,
Peter Fonda got it. He said, “We blew it .”
Dennis Hopper said, “Whaddaya mean, man? We’re rich,”

You see, Peter Fonda discovered everyone
Rolls a different road to the American dream, but
Dennis Hopper was just an asshole.

And my generation, my friends 
Who passed the Panama Red while
Two shit-faced rednecks unloaded a shotguns 
Into the asshole shooting half a peace sign, 
My generation, who knew the film 
Revealed to us a vital truth, but
Never got the message, my generation
Grew up to become Dennis Hopper.