(n+1) Facts About Geoff From Accounting

  1. I spell my name correctly, unlike Jeff From Marketing.
  2. I am the best accountant in my office.
  3. Seriously, who even spells Geoff with a J?
  4. That’s almost as bad as Reilly being spelled Riley.
  5. And on that note, is it spelled or spelt? Google isn’t telling me this.
  6. No, I will not ask Bing. Bing is for neanderthals and people who talk in the cinema.
  7. I’m still convinced that even people who work for Microsoft use Google for everything.
  8. I will not rewrite entire paragraphs just because I can’t spell a word. I’ll just Google the word, check 57 dictionaries, set the paper on fire, toss it out the window, and then cry softly before re-writing the entire paragraph.
  9. I can count, again unlike Jeff From Marketing.
  10. How on Earth do you go over 15 like that!?
  11. That requires some serious dedication.
  12. As in I’m actually kind of scared about how much free time he has.
  13. Then again, I’m writing this, but at least I finished all my tax reports.
  14. Jeff From Marketing still has two outstanding projects at the moment last I checked.
  15. How does he have money for so many Lamborghinis!? I can barely afford a nice BMW!
  16. My favourite place to be is near the water cooler. It’s always a good idea to be hydrated!

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now, I’m off to go check the budget for this month.


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