The Best Title That Will Ever Title in the History of Titles

To accompany “The Best Title That Will Ever Title in the History of Titles” there will be: The Storiest (That is Now a Word) Story That Will Story Harder Than All Other Stories to Ever Story. Also known as T.S.(T.N.W).S.T.W.S.H.T.A.O.S.E.S, this story aims to be the most story story to ever story. How will I accomplish this? With great determination, some Excel tables and the soothing sensation of filing tax reports.

I aim to become the best accountant in the office, and earn the trophy of best accountant by competing in the Accounting Olympics. Why am I worthy of this award? Because I always file my tax reports on time, and I always keep my bank account balanced, unlike that Jeff From Marketing nerd. There’s a reason he’s in marketing and not in accounting. But that’s none of my business. Anyway, I’m hoping that by the end of the financial year that I’ll be nominated to compete in the Accounting Olympics and take home the golden water cooler for my office space.