Addressing the Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs in Low-Resource Communities

Education is the key to unlocking one's full potential — I’m a strong believer in that. Having been able to travel to some of the world's most resource-strained regions of the world, I’ve been able to see, first-hand, the importance education plays in breaking a continuous cycle of poverty.

I’ve recently started an organization called Bloomzi. Bloomzi serves as the umbrella organization to what will be multiple innovation hubs at high schools, throughout low-resource regions of the globe.

In addition to high-tech tools, the centers will serve as hubs for unique collaboration among students and community members. Think demos, workshops, and guest speakers.

The buildings will be fully sustainable, and act as a model for sustainable technology within the communities. Think solar panels and eco-farms.

Why an innovation hubs? Well, fully understanding and addressing problems that face a community, a region, and a nation; is somewhat a far cry, for an outsider. No one knows the problems facing a community better than the people that live there. The center will help jump-start new ways of addressing problems, and provide the tools and resources to make them come to life.

The pilot innovation hub is in planning stages for Bo, Sierra Leone, with possibilities to build a network of Innovation Hubs throughout the developing world.

To find out more about how Bloomzi plans to tackle the toughest problems faced among communities in developing regions, visit or