The Interest of Logos

Like all good investments, logos gain interest. This investment into the identity of your brand is one step in the right direction for your business. No matter the industry, the identity of your brand is one of the most valuable assets you will ever have. The logo itself will either make or break your brand and therefore be the success or demise of your business.

Considering the value of logos, we can conclude this is not one asset to merely create on a whim. The value and compound interest of your logo(part of your brand’s visual identity) is predicated on the interest your logo generates from your audience. In other non-play-on-words, your logo must not only be strategic, but creative to effectively resonate with your audience and fully benefit your business/brand from your logo design.

The essentials of a successful logo are creativity and strategy. We have all seen what happens when a logo is improperly made. Some have even experienced the cost (energy, money, and time) of a bad logo! The perfect mixture of creativity and strategy uses foundational psychological elements that are tailored to the business’s brand and target audience. By being able to develop a proper strategy, the creativity can reign free and form a mark that will not only best represent the brand, but stick in the minds of its viewers and not be forgotten.

Like the old adage says, “a constant dripping hallows a stone”, a great logo will stay in the subconscious to deliver a brand’s message and will quietly ring a bell as it’s role in the visual identity. This is important because the logo must be first visually accepted by the viewer and digested for it to do its job fully. A bad logo will either blend into the white noise of our daily brand bombardments or not engage the viewer properly to make that first drip(impression). This is a missed opportunity to tell a story and make your target consumer feel a sense of belonging to your community/tribe.

Therefore, your logo must be creative and strategic to generate the proper interest from your audience to grow your brand. If it is neither you will be missing out on the long-term compound interest of having a well crafted logo. The overall domino effect of a bad logo is clear, painful, and most of all undermining of the hard work you put into your business. The interest of a great logo creates a solid core for your marketing, advertising, graphic/web design, pr, etc. to pour into to further benefit your brand in unity. This is the only way your brand will grow efficiently.