Abuja Dev Meetup April Edition

Developers and techies meetup in Abuja

This month edition of the Abuja Dev Meetup was helt on the 15th , Where Dev’s and other techies came together is discussion Running with an Idea/Restful Web Services with Node and Express.

The event was hosted at the Enspire Incubator Abuja(@enpireATV), we did not only discuss tech and coding, we had exceptional presentation from Arubi on business and Tunde on nodeJS and Express

First Presentation(Arubi — running with an idea)

Arubi ( Running with an Idea)

Arubi started by sharing how to create mind blowing ideas and moved to steps, issues, methodology and even the right moment to start and run your dream startup.

“Nothing Big can be achieved from the sidelines“

which he later explained that if you want to have a big and successful startup, you need to be fully committed 100% to the running and sure growth of the business. He also said that if you have to fail you need to “Fail Fast and move on”.

Second Presentation(Tunde- Restful Web Services with Node and Express)

Tunde discussed in details how to use node and Express( MEAN stack), to create a restful web service on completion we got an API to find meetup members, location and skills set and was tested using postman chrome extention. He shared the code on github https://github.com/tundaey/restful-node

Attendance and Online Streaming

The event was streamed on Periscope courtesy of Senior Dev. Hayatu and we had a good viewers. The attendance at the venue was great,

Hope you Join Us next Month


The event was a successful and I got to meet great and talented dev’s, Events like this will help build a collaborative ecosystem which in turn will take tech to a good height in Abuja.

To follow the activities of the Abuja Dev. Meetup visit www.abujadevmeetup.com