Two researchers at Columbia University, Peter Bergman and Eric Chan decided to research the effect of texting parents by building a texting system for the largest school district in West Virginia, United States. Texts were sent to parents when students were failing a class or missing school. One such message, went something like this:

“Jaden has 5 missing assignments in science class. For more information, log online.”

Most of the time, parents did not log online but the text message happened to have an effect on their behavior to actively get involved their wards academics. Most parents contacted the school more often and presumably they paid close attention to their child’s behavior.

This research yielded fantastic result. It has helped reduced course failures by 39% and increased class attendance by 17%.

This simple automated texting is effective because it is the easiest means of communication that cut across all demographics. Bearing in mind that not every family can afford a computer, smartphone or even subscribe to internet service to check grades continuously but all parents most likely will have cell phones with the ability to send and receive texts messages.

An MIT education technology student Justin Reich said “If we can adopt a technology that is almost universally accessible to parents, it has positive outcomes on their kids and it doesn’t cost much, that seems like a positive thing to me.”

If your school would like to see incredible results like this (stated above), consider using Edureck Notification System. Our system sends notification to parents/guardian on assessment, attendance and important school notice. Examples of notices not restricted to the following:

  • Emergency notification
  • School closings/delays
  • Bus delay alert
  • Scheduling changes

First Posted on Edureck Website https://www.edureck.com/blog/effects-notification-students-academic-performance/