Never, Ever, Take Anything for Granted

The worst thing you can do, is taking anything for granted.

Over the course of my life journey for the past half a year or so, I had learned one thing; the worst thing you can do, to yourself or to anybody, is to take anything for granted.


You should not take kindness of others for granted. They put in effort, time, and they push a lot to be nice to you. They do not receive anything back from you — money, prize, no nothing! All they get is appreciation. Make sure you appreciate.

What you should do — say thank you to every person who is nice to you. It is very simple.

Friends and your loved ones

You should not take your friends and your loved ones for granted. They are your friends for no reason, no expectation. Do not mistreat them. Do not take them for granted. They probably do not want you to think they are there for granted, either.

What you should do — say thank you to them for no reason! Thank them for being themselves, for being who they are. Just a simple message can make their day. If you can, send them a thank you card.


You must never, ever, take your health for granted! You are not healthy forever! You could become blind, deaf, or armless tomorrow. You never know. Appreciate the fact that you can see, hear, hold your loved ones.

What you should do — Use them. Look at beautiful things. Listen to the voices of your loved ones. Hug your friends and family. Make sure to eat healthy, exercise, limit your alcohol, and sleep well. Say thank you to your body.


Never, ever, take your family for granted. You are not with your family forever. You probably do not want to imagine, however, they could just suddenly disappear. You never know.

What you should do — go see them. Tell them you love them. Smile at them. Listen to their story. Do whatever you do everyday, and appreciate that moment.


Lastly but not least, NEVER, EVER, TAKE YOUR FREEDOM FOR GRANTED. Your work can trap you to stay in office for a long time. Your occupation can trap you from saying all your honest words. Your responsibility can trap you to not challenge yourself. Maybe you are not free now. Maybe you are free. Either way, appreciate your freedom, and if not, let yourself be free. Quit your job, throw all your irrelevant responsibilities.

What you should do — enjoy your freedom. Talk to yourself. Ask yourself, are you happy? What do you want to do? What makes you happy? Once you know that, go out there, do what you want to do. World is your playground.

Appreciate every last bite. Appreciate everything around you. ”Thank you” is the magical word that you can whisper to make somebody’s day better.

Thank you for reading.

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