A Feedback canvas real implementation

A study case of Feedback canvas session

Some weeks after I wrote an article here called "Feedback canvas" a team that I coach asked me for a feedback session. They wanted a 360 degrees feedback session. I changed a little bit the Feedback canvas implementation and ran the activity with them. So, I'll talk about this experiment on this post.

It is important to point out that it was not an imposed activity. All started by the need: It was the end of the quarter and they felt the need to give and receive feedback from each member of the team. I quickly explained to them the activity and they were willing to try it out. So, I scheduled two meetings with the team. The first one to show how Feedback canvas activity works and to make the Pre-game activity and second meeting to run the activity.

In the Pre-game, after explained how Feedback canvas works, we agreed to use 4 skills in the feedback activity of all team's members.

Fig. 1: The four most voted skills by the team

On the second meeting we did the activity itself. I made a board for each member of the team and placed them at the walls. Each member take turns to get his/hers feedback. We started with self-evaluation, evaluation from others, strengths, improvements and, finally, actionable tasks as described here.

Fig. 2: My feedback board

The whole activity took two hour and thirty minutes with 6 people in the process.

Fig. 3: The team members who participated on the Feedback activity. Everyone looks happy except the guy on the left =P (*)

After that, I submitted a survey to all participants. I wanted to evaluate the activity and the value perception over the time invested.


From the results shown in Fig. 4, they felt safe to share feedback and the activity promoted mutual help and professional enhancement. One thing pointed out to improve was the duration of the activity. Some of them said that it could last less than two hour and a half.

I would like to express my gratitude for the confidence of the team whose people I came to admire and learn.

* He said that he never smiles at photos LOL.