The lack of scientific literacy is the world's major issue

Our lives are becoming too complex due to the exponential growth of information technology. My theory is that ordinary citizens won’t be able to understand and follow the accelerated pace of the world in the next decade causing mysticism and superstition to thrive, damaging democracies in the process.

I envision the next conflicts or revolutions will be between the scientific-literate and the rest. We are already witnessing this phenomenon. It seems most friends prefer to believe in simple, or non-explanations for complex subjects ranging from economy to science.

Today’s America is a great example of this dangerous dicotomy: while it emcopasses the intelectual and scientific elite of the world, about 40% of the population still doesn’t believe in evolution and think the Earth is 10,000 years old.

It seems major individual and collective decisions are still driven by ideology and not by evidence. Thus it is no surprise the proliferation of fake news is being so successful.

In my view, the decadence of democratic regimes is directly correlated to scientific illiteracy. The lack of evidence based decision making is one explanation on why pseudosciences and conspiracy theories abound, affecting domestic and foreign policies and giving rising to populism, ISIS and dictators.

The future of democracies around the world does not look bright.