2016: The Year Music Woke Up
Tim Exile

I do not know how this article appeared in my Facebook profile but just to tell you all, the article is sad, lame and unrealistic. There is no tool that will work if you do not know music. A camera does not make you a photographer if you do not know how to manage iso, depth of field. Owning all the Adobe products does not make you a graphic designer or motion graphics expert, getting all they keyboards does not make you a musician if you do not know the scales, arrangements. Owning Logic, Protools, Ableton, does not make you a good engineer if you do not know about frequencies and music. So, you can see how illiterate level of this article. At the end all those devices will end up in a drawer after a week, collecting dust with many other controllers until you realize “what is going on?” That is call maturity, what is wrong is that you do not know about music and you can not pretend to know about music, you are a gadget collector. Electronic music is not going to explode, it already did by real musicians 20 years ago, listen to Depeche Mode between Music for the Masses until Songs of Faith and Devotion, Listen to Leftfield Leftisim, Listen to Pet Shop Boys b-sides and Erasure b-sides, OMD b-sides… any of them. The person who wrote this article is an ignorant about electronic music.

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