TCWorld 2017: Right Concepts, Wrong Tools

I spoke to a group at TCWorld 2017 about the agile documentation process using Confluence with Scroll versions I’ve developed. This is a true docops approach with a level of collaboration and speed not typically found in the technical writing industry.

The Nimble AMS Documentation Process

I got to present the Nimble AMS docops agile documentation process to the Nimble AMS team. The audio is a bit choppy, sorry about that.

If you had told me in college I was going to be a technical writer, I would have said: “What’s a technical writer?”After explaining it to me using a brief and thoughtful combination of writing, images, and diagrams, I would have said: “Ohhhhhhhh… I get it.” So that’s what I do.

Nimble AMS Help

I’ve built the Nimble AMS Help site from the ground up. From writing ~85% of all content on the site, to helping design a search and mobile-first experience that’s “beautiful and branded”, I’m pretty proud 😊.

It’s obvious that NimbleUser’s documentation isn’t just styled according to their design guidelines…

As part of my role, I work with designers to create user experiences that conversationally guide people to take the next step. Empathetic user experiences consist of UI elements, UI text, UI logic, and background automation working together to create a conversational journey.

NimbleLand Login

The login page on for the NimbleLand community required three different ways to log into the community:

  • A “Log in with Salesforce” button, an OAuth solution for customers
  • Username and Password fields, direct login for partners and prospects
  • Salesforce Username and Password fields on an internal company page, direct login for employees (Nimblers)

At first, we had…

As I started as a technical writer, I found very quickly that the existing waterfall process for documentation would not scale in the product development team’s push for continuous delivery. I put together and implemented a fully agile documentation process based on CA Technologies “DocOps” concept. The process is still used today, and documentation is delivered at the end of each sprint.

Product Documentation Process

A version of user guide content goes through the documentation process from the moment features begin development to the moment the content version is published to a publicly accessible site. An important note while reviewing this process and…

I’m very passionate around information experience (IX), which involves bringing writers and designers together to bring useful interfaces and writing together to form a seamless customer experience. I wrote this blog to convey to leadership the need to add roles and process to bring the product development team together around designing rich experiences.

Why Do We Need to Focus on Experience Design?

One of our 3 corporate goals is to “Drive Customer Delight” — Our customers’ success is dependent on us meeting the needs and expectations of a digital generation. We need to be using experience design to reduce the friction of working with and in our products. And…

During a phase of rapid readership growth for my company’s help site I wrote a blog to to communicate out the level of growth we were seeing and the need for a greater focus on growing the amount and quality of content.

As we increase the number of people selling, implementing, developing, supporting, and using our product, we’re seeing massive increase in the number of users of the Help site. “How many people are using Help?” You may be asking. “How can a see a collection of metrics and charts around reader base growth?” You me be very specifically asking…

When writing FAQs, I’ve always tried to add a bit of humor and bluntness to capture reader’s attention. Here are some examples:

How has the Order Confirmation changed?

There is one small line of text that has been added which sums up what installment payments will be made.

Example: “Payments will be made Weekly for $2.83 using the credit card ending in 1111 starting on 12/8/2014.”

Can a member who started paying with installments pay off their remaining balance in one large payment?

Yes and no. Yes they can, and their next installment will not be due until that membership automatically renews, but they cannot do it from self service. This type of payment would need to be handled in staff view.

What membership terms work with Installment Payments?


I enjoy making videos and voice recordings for technical demonstrations, storytelling, and education. I’ve found the secret to the best videos is high quality sound and succinct editing. The best audio is achieved with a great mic and a relatable voice.

Feature Overviews

I’ve had the opportunity to make a few feature overview videos for my company, which I wrote, recorded, and edited. With each, I had a lot of fun timing music and narration to the video to keep the overview moving at a steady pace and maintaining an informative voice.

Customer Interviews

I was asked to use video to tell some…

I enjoy storytelling throughout all my writing, and I’ve had a few instances where I’ve been able to write very rich narratives with subtle language. Fun stuff.

Company Story

Tasked with covering the 25-year span of company history, I wrote a short and purposeful narrative about where they’ve been and where they’re going.

The Beginning

When we served our first customer in 1992, the idea was simple: help customers use technology to achieve their mission. We started working with the best technology available, bringing customers onto the internet for the first time. It was great.

The Dream

​Fast forward to 2008, technology hadn’t changed, leaving the…

Throughout my time working with SaaS teams, I’ve been responsible for sharing internal updates, learning materials, and topics that generally interest me. Here are some of the best:

Perspective: The Difference Between Empathy and Sympathy

December 23, 2013

The difference between Empathy and Sympathy is really the crucial piece that will help us relate to our customers. If we can be a truly empathetic staff, we will be able to provide the best work environment, the best service, the best software, and the best overall experience for our customers. This video is a great explanation of the difference between the two: “Whew, that’s bad. Want a sandwich?”

Matt Reiner

👨🏻‍💻 Technical writer, storyteller, & Oxford comma user. 🏠 Husband & foster dad with dogs. 👍 Youth leader, handyman, traveler, & green energy enthusiast.

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