25 Headlines — Could You Do It?

What would your first reaction be if someone handed you an article and told you to come up with 25 headlines for it? It is harder than you might think.

Upworthy has come up with a method to engage larger audiences to learn about a wide variety of subjects. Upworthy is known for breaking things down into the simplest set of steps possible, and they uphold that reputation nicely through their slideshow, ‘How To Make That One Thing Go Viral *Just Kidding!’ I found that this slideshow was helpful in expanding my understanding of viral postings.

In order to acheive significant audience growth, we must understand the meaning of the term “viral” in a media setting. They touch on this subject. However, the most helpful information came from their slide entitled ‘Upworthy’s Editorial Process,’ with the next few slides providing more information to help.

Along with the help of the Upworthy crew, another helpful posting I read was right here on Medium. This posting, ‘Backed By Science — the 25-Headline Upworthy Challenge,’ gives an example of someone’s personal experience with attempting to capture an audience.

So, what would your first reaction be if someone handed you an article and told you to come up with 25 headlines for it? If I’m honest, I personally freaked out a little. I had no idea it would be in my power to give the same article 25 different names.

When I first started to list out some possible headlines, I had started it late at night. Past about 10 P.M. is when I start to use a lot of puns. My mind also starts to wander, so I came up with the most random references and connections. Some of my headlines do not even sound like headlines, but if you try hard enough, they could work.

Following are the 25 Headlines I came up with (3 of them are linked to their respective tweets):

  1. Russian to Change Laws
  2. He’s Putin the Church To the Test
  3. Does Communism Still Run Russian Society?
  4. Putin Power Into Practice
  5. Religious Restrictions
  6. New Laws In Russia
  7. What’s Proseletyzing? — It’s Against the Law
  8. Ol’ Vlad Putin Had a Country
  9. ‘Law Law Law Law Law’ — Probably Vladamir Putin
  10. Putin Down Christians
  11. The Bias of a President
  12. Can He Do That? — Vladamir Putin Signs In a New Russian Law
  13. God Is On the Move In Russia
  14. But Vlaaaaaaad…
  15. Don’t Russian To Things
  16. Putin Says ‘No,’ But God Has Other Plans
  17. Evangelism Should Be a Right, Right?
  18. What’s A Church To Do?
  19. Vladamir Putin Adds a Law — What Happens Next?
  20. Who Said Anything About Truly Stopping Evangelism?
  21. Will the Russian Citizens Follow the New Rules?
  22. Russia Is Always Under Fire In Some Way — This Time It’s Self-Inflicted
  23. God Should Be the President
  24. New Laws Affect Hearts — Will the Russians Still Have Soft Hearts?
  25. Religious Freedom For All? Not In Russia

The following are the screenshots of the tweet activity from the last week of my 3 tweeted headlines: