Latvia — economic outlook — Summer, 2019

Reinis Sietins
Jul 22 · 7 min read

What is Latvia?

Macroeconomic data of Latvia

Figure 1. GDP per capita (constant 2010 USD). Source: World Bank.
Figure 2. GDP per capita (constant 2010 USD). Source: World Bank.

Labour market

Figure 3. Unemployment, total (% of total labor force) (modelled ILO estimate). Source: World Bank.
Figure 4. Employment rate in Latvia. Source:
Figure 5. Real Wages — Latvia. Source:
Figure 6. Latvia. Population, labor force, employment 1000s. Source:
Figure 7. Latvia. Population by age groups. Source:
Figure 8. Changes in average monthly wages and salaries by sector. Source:
Figure 9. Inflation in Latvia. Source:
Figure 9. Long-term interest rates (monthly data). Source:


Reinis Sietins

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Management consultant with experience in legal field. Founder of Gate to Baltics — management consulting and legal advisory in Baltic region

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