Reinoud Schuijers
May 8 · 2 min read

Thanks for your article! Veganism is very intriguing to me, too. I’m still in the process of trying to place it, and I’m not sure where, yet.

On one hand, there are health issues that might spur from a vegan diet. As you hint at, staying healthy on a vegan diet requires you to have your food knowledge up to par. It’s not easy — in fact, it’s pretty complex.

Simply eating only (raw) plants will likely result in malnourishment in the long run. The long run being years, not weeks or months. A healthy vegan diet exists, it is, however, a tricky balance to strike.

But then, there’s also the sustainability issue. What gets me is the super generalizing view that “meat and all animal products are so incredibly bad for everything, that once you skip them, it basically doesn’t matter what you eat instead”.

Skipping meat justifies eating a burger that contains an incredible amount of mildly poisonous, highly processed ingredients, flying it across the ocean from the US to Europe.

While it is undebatable that much of the livestock industry, where mass is king, is harmful to the environment and the animals involved, there are so many ways in which meat is a sustainable food source. In fact, when done right, cattle (the most vilified of all) can actually sequester carbon. These truly great solutions are all foregone by most people adopting a vegan diet, and any animal product — and the person consuming it — is labeled as equally evil.

The problem with this is that it is polarising. Instead of opening up a conversation and looking for solutions, I feel as if much of ‘the vegan community’ closes conversation down, torpedoing everything that’s not with them as an enemy, period.

Which is a shame, because a global problem needs a global solution — not one group of people telling everyone else how bad they’re doing, referring to often anecdotal evidence or, as with RawVana, simply resorting to lies to get what they want.

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