Why Do We Feel Dejected?

Whaddup Re-Inventers !

We Humans are a species of such a kind that it’s literally impossible to keep us satisfied .

Even when we get to a place we wanted ,

Envy comes into play —

As now we are not satisfied because someone else has got something better than us.

Basically today’s human life is best described by the old age quote

“That Grass Is Always Greener , On The Other Side”

Because you are not happy , as you want something X has — and X is not happy because he doesn’t have something you have.

It’s important because no one is satisfied with what they have!

That is why ultimately , everyone around you has a sad story to tell you about.

And That is why Everyone Around Is Dejected!

But Hey You 😃

You don’t have to be like them , narrating your sad life story to others.

And what you REGRET not doing in life…..

If you are happy living a life of narrating such stories in the future , you are completely free to not read further,

However if you do not want to be like them , you have to and you should know what I am going to tell you.

If you never want to be sad or be Dejected by your losses.

1.Simply Put — STOP EXPECTING.

If you want to be an entrepreneur and work because you expect yourself to be rich ,

Sorry to Say , You are going to get beaten down and be beaten down hard.

Because even when you succeed , you’ll never be satisfied

Because at Every moment there will always be someone or something better than you.

It’s harsh but also the truth.

Your Hunger for everything , will ultimately bring you to a point when you will loose hope because when you don’t get what you wanted , you’ll face the most difficulties to bounce back.

Because You Will Never Match YOUR EXPECTATIONS of Success.

Of course the hunger is necessary to succeed ,

But he who is free from the burden of Achieving the Results of his Expectations, will only be the one who will achieve it.

Because he/she never worked to succeed or meet Expectations , rather they worked for themselves.

They worked because they knew they had to give their best.

They worked because they didn’t​ care about winning or losing , but because they feared not trying.

2. Never Get Too Attached To Material Things.

This Mindset Is a Basically A brainchild of our expectations.

We only get too attached too things , because we expect to get good results and achieve it .

For example we work too hard for clearing a test , ultimately our result doesn’t go as expected.

If we were too much attached to it , and Expected that not Achieving it would halt our lives.

We are bound to feel Dejected.

But if we never attached ourselves too much to it , and rather worked hard to gain experience and participate, even the worst loss will not put us down.

Rather it will motivate us even more to try again and again.

If we are too attached to only materials , even we shall become something only of materialistic importance to the world .

But the moment we start getting ourselves attached to people , to other people’s lives and working to improve them

We will be remembered and be remembered for Long.

So Re-Inventers , If life you want to lay the foundation of doing something big

Give up the burden of Expectations RIGHT NOW ,

Not having such a mindset will always make you materialistic because you’ll just work for the sake of achieving those Expectations which might even force you to resort to bad means.

Specifically — give up your Expectations of Achieving Something as well !

When you get free of this , you’ll never feel Dejected after losses , because you always Expected to gain something and had nothing to loose .

So Let Go , And Let Yourselves Live.