Marmaris Turkish bath

If you come to the as a result of your tired work, after Turkish bath you will never have pain again, you will be dynamic and energetic again. Even you just arrived on the first day of the holiday, you will. have more permanent and beautiful skin. After a 15-minutes spending in sauna, we take you to Turkish bath area which you are giong to have scrub and foam massage. Scrub made from silk doesnt hurt or damage your skin. …

Marmaris daily boat trip a long the coastline of Marmaris Bay. Pick-up time is 09:30 am starts 10:00 am

After sailing around Marmaris. The boat. will stop near the phosphorus Cave. that you can take nice pictures and swim in the warm clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Next stop for swimming will be on the Kumlubük beach. After that the boat will sail to the green sea and you will have lunch on the board (chicken, meatballs, salad, spaghetti; seasonal fruit).After …

Enjoyable an hour and half by bus/boat takes you to one of the rarest corners on the earth.

Dalyan is a little bit of everything: a boat trip, a coach trip, a cultural trip, a historical trip. The trip starts at 8:30 and ends at 19:00 pm. A coach and an English-speaking guide will pick you up after your breakfast. Arriving in Dalyan, the bus will stop at the river to make you catch one of the small boats to cross the river. The first place to visit is the mud bath and then, the sulfer pool, rock tombs (king tombs) the magnificient Rock Tombs, carved high in the cliff gives you the chance to get all the information. Seeing turtles (carettas carettas) at the Turtle Beach, which is one of the last breeding grounds of loggerhead turtles, is a long sand bank surrounded by salt water on the one side and fresh water on the other side. …

Reis Holiday

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