Free Guide: How to build a amazon niche site that brings money

These are the basic steps to building a niche site.

As I mentioned in my first post about building a niche site, I want to show you how you can build a profitable amazon niche site for free. So here we go.

Day 1: Find your Niche

Tools I use:

Some rules before picking a niche

  1. You shouldn´t be interested in the niche.
  2. You shouldn´t have heard of the niche.
  3. You shouldn´t know much about the niche.

These rules might seem weird, but if your niche is your hobby you get very exited about the project and it takes much more time to get everything started because you want everything to be perfect. So you`d spend more time and money on design, articles and everything else. Choose a niche you do NOT know / like or are interested in.

Where do I find my niche?

Surprise: On

Go to “all categories” and click through the departments. Here it´s a good tip to start with the last two columns; most of the stuff before “Home and Garden” is too cheap or very competitive. I know that the Associates Program for has a different payment structure then the associates program for; or basically every other amazon aite other then US. But also for the affiliate program it makes sense to take a look on rather high priced products then cheap items like music, books etc.

I usually look out for products that cost $200+

It´s easier to make money if you build a great niche site for high priced products. It´s logic but somehow people like to do it the hard way. For example: If you want to make 1000$ a month with an Amazon Niche Site and you build a music site you have to sell AT LEAST 10 000 songs per month to make those 1000 dollars.

But if you take a expensive product like “Electric Motors” you just need to sell 100 electric motors a month to crack the 1000$/month goal. This is calculated very pessimistic: I took 250$ as the average product sales price and the base commission of 4%; so you´ll get 10$ per sale. And that´s what you should look for, take products that will at least bring you 10$/sale.

So now in theory the niche “electric motors” is valuable. Now we have to check the Search Volume with the Keyword Planner from Google.

So the EXACT keyword “electric motor” has 12 100 search queries per month. This is great.

Reminder: Set the keyword planner right; for this example I set it to “USA = country, and english = language” — this is obvious but always double check.

So until now it looks like “electric motor” is a good niche. Now we have to check the SERPS. Just go to and deactivate your Ad Blocker before.

So take a look at the SERPs for “electric motor”.

Nothing special here. As you see we have at #1 and some other theoretical descriptions from #2 — #10.

More imporant then the organic serps are the adwords ads — this is why you should pause your adblock ad on while doing the niche research. There are no Adwords Ads for the exact key of “electric motor”. This is good, because if there would be like 3 Ads on top of the organic serps and 3 on the side, it´s harder to get traffic, because it´s more likely for the user to click on an ad at the top than to scroll down.

Revenue Formula

Before you start with building the actual site you should take a look at the numbers. So how can I calculate the revenue potential of an affiliate site properly?

I made a spreadsheet to make your life easier. The table is pretty much self explanatory, just but in the number of search queries per month and the average sales price. Everything else will be calculated.

Hint: This formula is not from me, it´s from my great mentor Markus Laue.

Find a Domain Name

Now it looks like we found a good niche, it´s time to register a domain that fits. For that I go to (Affiliate Link). Here´s the non Affiliate Link. In this case the EMD (exakt match domain) was not available anymore, this is bad but it´s not a big deal. Just check for other TLDs then .com — like .net, or .org. In this case for example would be available for registration.

I think that´s enough work at one point. I hope that this post was helpful. In the next article you´ll learn how to set up the affiliate site and how to get content.

Shout out to other great niche site how to´s:

I write this articles because I want you to save the 200$ for a course to build a better niche site. But thankfully there are many great experts out there who are willing to share their knowledge for free.

1. Niche Site Guide (German) is a very popular blog about online marketing. The founder Soeren Eisenschmidt writes is an expert in almost everything when it comes to online marketing. You can find his great guide here. Don´t worry it´s in german, most of those strategies are also valid for affiliate sites. To translate the article: Right click — translate this page.

2. How to build a Niche Site that earns 500$ per month.

This guide is great. You´ll find all important steps there.

For sure there are many more great guides; I just wanted to share two of them I liked most.

Motivational Tips

Sometimes it´s hard to stay motivated, just search for “niche site challenge” and sign up to one of those, it´s mostly free and you´ll not just learn a lot — you also have to build your site one step further to stay up to the competition.

PS: Sharing is caring ;)