5 Essential tips to ease into autumn

As I’m sitting here in silence, typing and savoring my Greens, I can smell the nearby scent of someone’s freshly lit fire reminding me that my absolute favorite time of the year is creeping up on us…. good bye summer, hello autumn! I love seeing all the back to school pics on Facebook and Insta, the weather is starting to get crisp and pumpkin spice has stared to rear it’s head. I really could go on and on all day with all the things I love about autumn, but I’ll spare you and get to the point. ;-)

One of the MAIN things I love is that this is a HUGE season for some serious change. It’s a chance to shed the old and nurture the new, to re-evaluate how the year has been going (and correct course if necessary) and it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with yourself, family and friends.

Even if we know it’s coming, sometimes change can throw us for a loop whether it be in our lives, routines or surrounding environment so today, it was on my heart to share 5 essential tips to help you ease into autumn.

  • Breathe. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle this time of year. Don’t forget to pause and breathe.
  • Nurture yourself. We spent summer entertaining, being entertained, soaking up the sun, hanging with our loved ones and some. In a few short months the holiday’s will be here and we’ll be giving even more of ourselves, our time and our money. Take this time as an opportunity to take care of YOU.
  • Switch it up. Whether it be a bad habit, relationship or career….stop hanging on to things that don’t serve you! Let that ish go and create something new for yourself that feels way better on your heart and your mind.
  • Refocus. Take time to reflect on how this year has been for you so far and how you want the year to end. Are you spending your time on the things most important to you? Are you on track to meet your goals? Are you feeling happy and fulfilled?
  • Have fun. We sometimes go about into our routines on autopilot- especially now that the kids are back in school- so this is a gentile reminder to be flexible and have fun.

Sending you abundant blessings in the new season friend! 

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