The #1 way you’re blocking your blessings (and what to do about it)

Scenario: You’re chatting with a girlfriend about particular situation you’re facing, giving her the rundown of what you want (or don’t want) and why. As you’re talking, you rattle off all the things that still need to fall into place and you start to worry even more about how this is all going to happen and ideally happen the way you want it to. Sound familiar? I know I’ve caught myself in this thought pattern plenty of times and it boils down to this:

Our need to be in control.

We spend so much unnecessary time and energy stressing ourselves out over how each little detail will fall into place, trying our damnedest to predict every outcome and plan accordingly, when the truth is that the world works in ways we don’t always understand. Our resistance to letting go and trusting leaves us little room for unexpected blessings.

How do we counter the need to be in control, feelings of lack and fear of the unknown? Stay open to the possibilities. Find the beauty in the mystery and drop our judgement of what’s good or bad, right or wrong. What if by being open, someone thought to spark up a conversation with you and unknowingly shared a bit of knowledge you needed to help you move forward in some way? What if the detour that made you run late for work actually put you on a path to run into a key player for this next phase of your life?

Be stubborn about what you want, be flexible about how it shows up.


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