UX Design: A General Overview

Sometimes if I really want to treat myself, I drive twenty minutes away from my house to the local Trader Joes. Why don’t I just go to the general market that’s five minutes away? I go to Trader Joes for the homey atmosphere, the friendly employees, the innovative products, and of course, the free samples.

All these factors contribute to a pleasurable experience.By interacting with all the unique aspects of the grocery store, they enhance my experience and I find value in the products. This customer satisfaction is related to the experience design of the store.

The UXPA or User Experience Professionals Association, defines user experience as “Every aspect of the user’s interaction with a product, service, or company that make up the user’s perceptions of the whole. User experience design as a discipline is concerned with all the elements that together make up that interface, including layout, visual design, text, brand, sound, and interaction. UE works to coordinate these elements to allow for the best possible interaction by users”.

The UX Design Process:

There are three essential phases of the UX Design process: Planning, Designing, and Applying. Planning, involves the strategy and research needed to conduct interviews and analyze markets. In this phase, UX designers can provide recommendations for the stakeholder on the possible goals, key features, and functions of a product.

After defining the user personas and possible scenarios, the next step is to design. A UX Team will create wireframes and decide on the navigational skeleton for the product, as well as, create prototypes for testing. A UX Designer will also work with a software developer to make sure the design is properly utilized. After strategizing and designing, the design can be implemented. The product is now accessible for the users and analytics can be used to continue testing to make changes as needed.

Why is UX Important?

The goal of the designer is to not create for the client or themselves, but to create for the user. UX Designers strive to have their work meet and surpass a user’s expectations. Users want to click through a website with ease, get to their end goal, while using an interface that is visually pleasing. A good user experience leads to a high levels of customer satisfaction. Good UX Design would benefit an e-commerce website in that, a good experience will draw in repeat customers that will buy their products.

The goal of the UX Designer is to empathize with the user, in order to create an overall pleasurable experience. There is no clear cookie cutter way to design with the user in mind, because everyone is different. Excellent user experience involves taking into account the different types of users, and custom-making the design to enhance the website’s products and goals.


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