I agree with the overall hopeful sentiment, I’d rather see optimism and hope prevail too.
Kat Kourbeti

I see your point. And it’s a valid one for most people. I don’t think critics/reviewers/people who make money reviewing movies should hold so fervently to a position such as James’, as a professional standard. Remakes and reboots can be problems, I agree. But I like to reserve my judgment of the creative intentions of a reboot until after I’ve seen the final product. Not all are bad. 21 Jump Street is a good example. Battlestar Galactica another. As a critic/writer, I owe it to myself, the people who made the movie, and my audience to give every movie a chance to be good before setting it ablaze. There are times when we don’t know if we want a movie until we’re glad we just saw it.

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