Water droplet creation through photoshop

  1. At first,Open an image in the photoshop.

2. Take a new layer.

3.Select the droplet shape through the Elliptical marquee tool.

4. #Take gradient tool >Select Black-white

(Here,Linear gradient, Mode=normal,Opacity=100% should be selected)

5. Use gradient and deselect the shape.

6. Change layer mode from “Normal” to “Overlay” and see the change in the previous shape.

7. By double clicking the layer(here layer 1)layer style box has arrived.select “drop shadow” and follow other requirements.

{Blend mode=Multiply, Opacity= 70%, Distance,spread,size=5(should be equal)}

8. Now select “Inner shadow” and follow the requirements.

For giving reflection look of the water drop:

9. Take new layer> select brush tool > select soft brush tool (size can be varied depending on the drop size) >select color white > use in the drop shape and follow other requirements.

For giving magnifying look under the surface of the droplet:

10. Select the layer of shape( not reflection layer,For understanding,the reflection layer is kept off here)

Select the shape by pressing Ctrl after keeping the mouse point on the layer thumbnail.

11. Select background or the surface under the droplet>Select “Filter” >Distort>Spherize

The amount should be=50%-60%

12. Make group > copy layer>Multiply

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