As if it all matters…

…wondering —if speculating the premise of there actually being a ‘God’, then wouldn’t it serve to reason that such a God wouldn’t need humans as defenders, lawyers, tax accountants or sales and marketing teams?

Would it make sense, if one starts with the presupposition that an all-knowing entity exists, that this entity would be superior to us — free from the primitive faults of ‘inferior’ beings?

Could such a God-force be motivated by an ego that demands supplication, sacrifice and worship as self-esteem-strokes to sentinel their regal status? Could such an Eternal Non-Corporeal entity have time or need to ensure that the mortals delivering those corporeal time-based actions must be subjugated by corporeal-based legalities?

Would a superior being be interested in discriminating against, or for, a ‘created’ being because of sex, gender, skin pigment, financial, educational or intellectual factors?

Are there actually people who think God cares what kind of car you drive, clothes you wear, how many words you know, how many pieces of silver you have, your degree, bank wad or heritage? Seriously, are there people who still see their God as being subject to the human-dimension weaknesses of conceit, vanity, greed, jealousy, bigotry, paranoia or as a bi-polar, OCD and ADD diety?

Some mysteries will always be mysteries. The explanations I’ve heard for why a God would require anything from humans fall short of convincing me that said requirements are anything other than manmade segregational ego strokes for the reverent mortal follower. Ease the conscience. Pet the puppy. Rounds are on the house.

If one starts with the premise that there is an all-powerful, infinite, omnipotent being who is the author of all, how does one navigate to reducing that Being to the weakest of human attributes and desires?

If I were to make up a God, s/he wouldn’t care about any of those earthly precepts, those human ego fetishes. The God I’d build would love everyone equally, regardless of ANY of the issues we put between each other and peace. That God would want each and every part of creation to be happy, healthy and evolving. This God wouldn’t appreciate shopping list prayers for material wealth and personal power, nor humans being appointed as brokers with permission to siphon off of the gifts believers tithe in gold, sweat or blood.

I’d really like it if there is a God who loves you just as much as me, regardless of our works or even our theological recognition, as long as we believe and treat each other like family.

Because we are family. And not just the humans; but the animals too. And the plants and rocks. And the water and air. And the outer-space and inner-space. If we’re supposing all these are creations of the same God, why would one be more important than the other? How does that make sense on the physical plane of a gravity saddled planet that measures time in rotations around the nearest sun?

I could certainly buy into a God that wasn’t a respecter of persons, who wanted no one to boast, and who gives instruction against judging, hating or killing for any reason, especially because of petty appearance, presence or thought differences.

Imagine a God who had a list of anti-discrimination rules longer than the most liberal governments. Imagine if all life is important, that every hair is numbered and every bird and plant is counted — every molecule has a serial number.

Wow, yum, yay — I’m now daydreaming of a God who loves you, me and every DNA strand this God supposedly has made — now there’s a warm and fuzzy thought train.

Imagine for just a moment that what matters is that we stop trying to defend and market God as various brands of man-made morality.

imagine…as if it all does matter?