Fragile items are safe and healthy

We are often asked to move fragile items — from freshly baked celebrations to elegant sculptures, handmade furniture and glass. So, how best to keep them in tip top condition during their trip? With the best will in the world, and our most careful driver, you can not underestimate the risk involved in moving fragile items. It is best to be cautious, to be absolutely sure that your goods will arrive intact. So here are our tips for the ultimate protection of the packages at our dedicated Tagesscharter:

• Put into proper protective packaging materials — the bubble pack is ideal with plenty of packaged tape for additional padding.

• Use ‘loose fill’ pieces, also known as peanuts, for items that can move in their boxes to make sure you are using a lot to fill the space around your fragile item. Or choose heavy paper to pack. However, polystyrene peanuts can cause static electricity and are therefore not recommended for moving electronic objects. Anti-static peanuts are available, so check if you buy.

• Cakes need tender protection. Foam is a good idea — use upholstery foam blocks and have it cut to size when you can, then place in a rugged, tight-fitting box. We also find that stiff icing travels best. And if you can freeze the cake before shipping, even better, it helps keep it fresh and intact during its journey.

• Mark all fragile items which way is — so we will not tap the box in the wrong direction and minimize the movement within the package.

• Mark each package FRAGILE and use fragile tape — the more clearly it is that a package contains fragile goods.

• If you have more than one package in a program, it is always a good idea to mark each one of 1 (eg if there are 5 in total) 2 of 5 etc. So the driver will know to hold the show together to deliver all items at the destination.

• Wrap each item separately and pillow them each other and each side of the box.

A special vehicle is by far the best way to ensure that your goods are handled with care from pick up to delivery. Here at Professional Courier we are familiar with precious cargo every day. And we recommend a careful packing for all the goods, if you need any advice, please call us and we will be glad to help you.

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